Smokey Joe’s Cafe


The cast of Smokey Joe’s Cafe includes:

Charissa McCluskey-Garcia
Michelle Nightingale
Fiona DeLaine
Elle Nichelle
Lucy Russell Byrne
Jenny Scarce-Tolley
Tarsha Cameron
Jemma Allen
Sarah Whitely
Andrew Aitken
Nic Equid
Jared Gerschwitz
Blake Ascione
Josh Barkley
Ray Cullen
Ellis Dolan

Belinda Price
Nicole Hall
Abbie Aylett
Ebony Priest
Tania Carlino
Tiffany Downing
Julie Goodburn
Meg Brumby
Deborah Ralph

Director/ Musical Director: Mark DeLaine
Choreographer: Mel George
Assistant Director: Ellis Dolan


The Hills Musical Company are proud to present the Jukebox musical review “Smokey Joe’s Cafe. The Songs of Leiber and Stoller”.

Leiber and Stoller, as much as anyone, virtually invented rock ‘n’ roll, and now their songs provide the basis for electrifying entertainment that illuminates a golden age of American culture.

In an idealized ’50’s setting, the classic themes of love  – won, lost and imagined, blend with hilarious set-pieces and ‘slice-of-life’ emotions. Smokey Joe’s Cafe isn’t just great pop music – it’s compelling musical theatre. The longest running musical revue in Broadway history, Smokey Joe’s Cafe is a song and dance revue showcasing 39 pop standards, including Love Potion #9, On Broadway, I’m A Woman, Yakety Yak, and more rock and roll, rhythm and blues songs written by songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. A fantastic ‘party’ to end The Hills Musical Company’s year featuring Adelaide’s best talent with a 7 piece band on stage. The show will be rehearsed for a much shorter and intense period (4 weeks) and will play for two weeks in November. This will be an SA Premiere.