Become a Member or Subscriber

Why not become a Member of the Hills Musical Company?

For the annual fee of $30 you are entitled to:

  • Preferential bookings and discounts on tickets
  • Full voting rights and the opportunity to become a committee member and have your say
  • Access to online version of stage whispers magazine

Membership is for a 12 month period.

Compliment your membership with a Subscription

For $60 you will receive:

  • Company membership as described above
  • Two tickets to the be used for either production for that calendar year
    (e.g. 2 tickets to the first production; 1 ticket to each of the productions; or 2 tickets for the second production)
  • A program and drink voucher for each ticket

There are two ways to become a Member and/or Subscriber of the HMC;
either print out and fill in the application form HERE and return to us via post or email or use our online booking system to purchase one.


Once you have paid for your membership online, or sent your application back to us, our Ticket Secretary will contact you to welcome you and explain the booking process.