The HMC Committee know exactly what it takes to produce two high quality shows per year, we also know it’s the Director and Creative Team’s creative vision and dedication that can make or break a show. We welcome any directors or production teams  to contact us if they would like to direct a show in the next couple of seasons. We are always looking for passionate, creative people.

The general timetable for directors submissions is approximately 12-24 months before you would like to direct for us. Once your submission has been received, it will then be discussed at the next committee meeting (held monthly). Once the submission has been discussed we will contact you with questions, or possibly invite you to one of our committee meetings to further discuss your proposal.

We are currently recruiting Directors and Production Teams for both our 2017 productions.

In an attempt to streamline our Submission process, we have developed a submission form which should be completed by all directors or productions teams wishing to direct for the Hills Musical Company.

HMC Directors Submission Form

All submissions will be treated confidentially, and the HMC would expect that any discussion Directors have with prospective Production Teams members remain confidential also.